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How close is your business to its maximum potential?

What we don’t know

I don’t know your business … and you don’t know mine. But there’s one thing we both know. Your business isn’t operating at 100%. There’s every chance that it’s functioning at well below that figure. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. There isn’t a single company in the world that is operating at the max. The big question is …

How close can you get to the max?

There are three things you don’t know –

  1. How far short you are of operating at your full potential
  2. How close to the max you can get
  3. How you’re going to get there

Work with Orchestrated Knowledge, and you’ll find the answers to all three.

Business Improvement – the role of Quality

What distinguishes your business from its competitors? More than likely, the answer is – Quality. The quality of your products, your services and, critically, the quality of your approach – before, during and after delivery. And who is responsible for this quality? Not your processes, tools, standards, metrics, controls, policies or certifications. The quality you provide is delivered by … your people. And the quality of this delivery is governed by your culture.

A matter of belief

Improving your business’s culture is a matter of belief.
Not ‘faith’ – which is, by definition, blind. It doesn’t demand evidence. Belief, on the other hand, is dependent on evidence. So this is the Orchestrated Knowledge methodology – we’ll dramatically enlighten your people’s view of your company culture. We’ll show them how they can confidently believe in every aspect of your company and its activities –
– your products or services
– your technology
– your processes
– your goals
– your vision
– your culture


  • Clear and consistent internal communication.
  • Clearly defined organisational structures.
  • Alignment of roles, responsibilities and authority to personal skills.
  • Realistic and shared goals, objectives and priorities.

” Managing your company culture doesn’t mean changing that culture“

Your company culture manifests itself by how your people behave when management is not present.

Clear communication and education are critical to aligning culture to objectives.


Which approach will work best for you?


identifying then guiding the implementation of effective practices, processes and tools. Improving Quality & Culture The two human pillars which underpin the ultimate success of any business through Organisational Therapy Resolving through listening, analysing and supporting recommended change SFIA Introducing SFIA – the skills and responsibility resource – the Skills

or Coaching?

supporting you in implementing change of direction, growth or re-structuring

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