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Peter Leeson – 45 years of Business Improvement

Change management isn’t easy. It demands support and guidance at every level. Through independent, confidential and honest analysis, I develop and lead change management initiatives towards success.


My experience encompasses supporting major engineering and service delivery organisations across the globe. These include manufacturing, financial institutions, telecommunications, information technology and more.

I’m an experienced and goal-oriented professional, who understands differences in culture and corresponding variations in business goals. Executives and business owners know that, with the Orchestrated Knowledge approach, their businesses will meet ever-changing objectives and ensure continuous improvement and compliance. I help them to achieve these objectives through my proven analytical methodology and exceptional service and resources.

Business improvement – a holistic approach

I use a holistic approach to business improvement and change management. Together we’ll square the circle of improving quality, while reducing costs and effort.

Quality needs to be defined in clear terms and practical objectives that all staff members can buy into. I focus on improving the common understanding and pursuit of customer satisfaction. We achieve this by systematically reviewing every aspect of your business processes – from the communication of your vision, strategy and processes, down to the day-to-day activities of front-line staff. Once your staff are motivated to deliver consistent quality, your customer satisfaction will generate the best marketing you can get – word-of-mouth recommendations and customer retention.

In addition to refining your focus on customer satisfaction and continuous quality improvement, I’ll support you directly in defining your practices and providing you training and coaching in key areas

  • Quality Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Training & Development
  • Staff motivation

All work will be carried out in agreement with the consultancy business guidelines as set out in ISO20700.

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