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Design a Culture for Innovation

World Quality Day 2020Online, interactive workshop

There is no future without innovation.  If you believe that your business will remain the way it is/was in the best of times, you are ready to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, by robotics.  You will rapidly drown in routine and maintenance.  Young, dynamic people will not see you as a place they want to join, bored staff will not really want to stay, clients will upgrade to your competition.

The future lies in your ability to change, improve, invent, innovate.

An innovative culture will attract the best people in your business, improve staff and customer retention, and your leadership position will attract more.  But, can you design a culture?  Do you understand the implications of culture on innovation, quality and customer retention?  In this workshop, I will help you identify the need, the objective, and the way forward.

I can provide you with support and guidance on how to do that through my workshop on designing a culture for innovation.  This is not a webinar; it is a workshop to help you design a culture for innovation.  You will be expected to participate, answer questions, make suggestions, and, ultimately, start building your improvement plan.  This is aimed at being practical, based on what is happening in your work environment and cultural issues.  However, don’t worry, everything is completely anonymous.  (Even those participating in the workshop will not be able to relate your statements to you unless you allow it.)

The purpose of the workshop is to get you to start considering what needs changing in your environment, and how you can get it initiated or finalized.

Design a Culture for Innovation

Designing Quality

Designing Quality into your Learning Experience

In December 2019, I held a webinar on e-learning and quality, in the context of the “Learning Design Summit”.  According to the organiser, my talk had one of the highest percentages of positive feedback, giving it a little green “award” on the feedback page.  You can see the (recorded) talk on my Youtube page hereunder.

The full version of the talk, including extended introduction and Q&A at the end, can be found at and the “slides” used in the presentation (including links to the source material) is available at