our commitment

My objective is to add value to your organisation.

My objective is to add value to your organisation.
My primary source of marketing and advertising is word of mouth recommendation.

I, therefore, need you to be satisfied with the work done.
I will not sell you more of my time than would be useful to you.

I may recommend, but will not try to sell you or pressure you into paying for tools or equipment. While I am in your service, I will focus exclusively on your business, your issues and the potential solutions.

All work will be carried out in agreement with the consultancy business guidelines as set out in ISO20700.


Effecting the culture.

The Orchestrated Knowledge blog and newsletter are updated regularly with lessons learnt and general recommendations. Come back frequently to keep informed.

Do you satistify your customers and users’ needs?

Shouldn’t you deliver quality on time and in budget? Are you frustrated by people who cannot deliver according to their commitments and promises? Are others frustrated by your own issues in responding to needs and requirements? It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, Share this video: https://prezi.com/v/dpjhhkfyurnk/

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Do you have “Plan Continuation Bias”?

Video Presentation Symptoms You have probably been in the situation, maybe it was you or perhaps it was your boss or a relative. Something happens, something unexpected or at least unplanned.  Your project was moving along; your evening out was scheduled and paid for; you were driving to your destination; the business was OK. Then […]

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Feedback: corrective or criticism?

Feedback is there to help you and not to hurt you.  And yet, many people seem offended when points out problems. Feedback as criticism I recently asked a question on Twitter and (perhaps I could have phrased it better) and got attacked in response. A minor celebrity put up a post in which was mentioned […]

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Design a Culture for Innovation

Online, interactive workshop There is no future without innovation.  If you believe that your business will remain the way it is/was in the best of times, you are ready to be replaced by Artificial Intelligence, by robotics.  You will rapidly drown in routine and maintenance.  Young, dynamic people will not see you as a place […]

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Designing a Culture for the Future

An interactive workshop to help you identify and correct problems related to quality, culture, creativity and innovation. Without innovation, your business is doomed to become outdated; however, you don’t want to sacrifice efficiency and productivity for some long term idea. In this online, interactive workshop, you will be invited to identify and reflect on what […]

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Ready to add value to your organisation today.

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