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Organisational Therapy

Identifying Issues – Delivering Solutions

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Organisational Therapy

Listen | Analyse | Understand | Deliver

Like most people, your organisation has its hidden issues.

It has bad habits, memories that stop it from progressing, beliefs and insecurities that slow it down, mental blocks that make learning difficult, thoughts that are not self-destructive. These are probably found partly in your organisation’s culture, partly in your processes, standards, and bureaucracies, and partly in your leadership.

The Orchestrated Knowledge approach to organisational therapy involves an independent and objective approach to seeking out to help you overcome your hidden issues through a holistic approach.

The Listen phase starts early in the consultation process. We listen to your management’s vision for the organisation – your successes, your challenges, your strategy, the market and how they would like to see the organisation evolve.

We listen too to your staff – in complete confidence – and find out about their problems, their concerns, the things that are slowing them down and making them less effective, less happy in their work environment.

The Analyse phase goes through all the evidence and rumours collected and removes what appears to be issues related to an individual or an exceptional circumstance. Trends are identified and the divergences between management’s desires and the team’s performance are clarified.

The Understand phase involves explaining to management what the key problems in the organisation are, identifying their likely causes and consequences, and making some suggestions to move forward. Following management’s agreement as to how to prioritise things, the outcomes are presented to the team members – the objective being to help them understand why and what is going to change, gain management’s public commitment to move forward, identify further concerns from the staff and make sure that we have their cooperation and engagement.

Finally, the Deliver phase allows to create a more detailed change management strategy is developed, detailing the “who, what, how and when”.
Orchestrated Knowledge can assist in the implementation of the strategy if you believe you need further help, otherwise we can return on a regular basis to monitor progress and identify any further issues and priorities.

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