Presentations by Peter Leeson

Motivation and education are critical to quality, culture and continuous improvement. Here are a series of presentations from Peter Leeson.

Managing Skills”, June 2019
Vitruvian Quality”, June 2019 (keynote presentation)
Quantum Butterflies Live in Wales”, June 2018 (keynote on complexity)
Quality is All in The Mind” IT Days, November 2017
Assembly of Japanese Bicycle Requires Peace of Mind” (measuring and designing quality solutions) IT Camp, May 2017
Talk with No Title”, IT Camp, May 2016
Creative Quality”, TEDx January 2016
Suddenly Reality – or why your theories don’t work” Agile by Example 2016
Organizational Sociology and the Anthropology of an Engineer” IT-Camp, May 2015
Organizational Knowledge” IT-Camp, May 2015
Managing Fear” (keynote presentation) and “The Battle for Success” at IT-Camp 2014, Cluj, May 2014 and CMMI Global Congress, Seattle, May 2015
Intelligent Evolution”, ITCamp 2013, RABS 2013, SEPG Europe 2013
Can Process Make You Happy?”, Romanian Association for Better Software, Cluj-Napoca 2012
Forget Process, Focus on People”, SEPG Europe Conference, Dublin 2011

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