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Corporate Therapy
Identifying the issues that are blocking your team members from being more effective.

Measuring the Flow of Knowledge
Identifying the individuals in your organisation that could make more of a difference and where are the roadblocks that stop the ideas flowing freely.

Skills Management
Form a lising the skills and aptitudes of team members and role requirements. The results of this will allow better career plans, the identification of the right person for the job, the skills that are needed to be recruited or outsourced, internal training opportunities and more.

Defining a Vision
Supporting management in identifying a vision and mission statement and ensuring that these correspond to results and outcomes that are visible and measurable by their staff.


Integrated Teaming
Understanding the basics for creating efficient teams that include a mix of skills and competencies; teams require active cooperation to be successful.

Rapid Process Development
Getting your team members to clarify their own processes and understand their own shortcomings. Teams are invited to define the “ideal” process for their job, including what they require as information, tools and support, what they should be producing as output and how they will control, measure, verify and validate their progress during the process.

Introduction to Project Management
A course covering the basic needs and expectations for successful project management; while the workshop covers many different approaches and techniques, it does not push for any given methodology but allows to understand how to compare them objectively.

Quality and What We Mean
An introduction to the concept of quality, often referenced, rarely planned or designed objectively or quantitatively beforehand, followed by a discussion on what it means in your organisation and what are the issues with improvement.

Risk Management
A practical workshop for teams to understand how to identify, communicate, quantify and plan for risks. Participants are asked to identify, discuss and negotiate risks on their project with the help of a list of potential issues; afterwards they are invited to quantify the probability and potential cost of the risk and determine the most efficient mitigation and contingency plans.

A brief presentation and exercise to help engineers improve their personal estimates and implement the corresponding measurements.


A variety of presentations and talks on team, quality, culture, communication, process and more can be delivered internally on request. These are tailored to the specific needs of the organisation and combined as required.


Effecting the culture.

The Orchestrated Knowledge blog and newsletter are updated regularly with lessons learnt and general recommendations. Come back frequently to keep informed.

Designing a Culture for the Future

An interactive workshop to help you identify and correct problems related to quality, culture, creativity and innovation. Without innovation, your business is doomed to become outdated; however, you don’t want to sacrifice efficiency and productivity for some long term idea. In this online, interactive workshop, you will be invited to identify and reflect on what […]

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Webinars and other events

My latest newsletter can be found at My newsletter for September 2020, announcing all the upcoming talks and webinars in which I will be participating: “Why Agile didn’t solve your problems” Codecamp 11 September 17:00 EET “Designing a Culture for Innovation” Interactive Workshop 07 Oct, 08:30 UTC: 08 Oct, 20:00 UTC, “From Room […]

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ISO9001 in the 2020s

Is it worth the effort?  Is it still relevant?  What does it mean?  Do you need the audit? 3 presentations and a discussion, with very different people.

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Does diversity strengthen or weaken the culture?

No, I am not going to write about isolationist or nationalist governments and other political movements, I am speaking here to industries, businesses and other organisations. My business is to try to support and improve the culture within organisations, working to make your staff feel appreciated and react accordingly to increase customer satisfaction.  Having a […]

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ISO9001? I will be a panellist on the BCS webinar and discussion regarding “Passing ISO9001 Certification in 2020s” Registration open at

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