Standards and Audits


Standards & Audits

Standards & Audits

There’s a common misconception – that certifications are, of themselves, a guarantee of productivity, reliability or workplace equality. Applied carelessly, just to please an auditor, certifications can be damaging – creating bureaucracy and false impressions. This can also lead to poor morale.

Preparing for an Audit

At the top of your mind should be what’s right for your business, your staff and your clients. Your focus should be on long-term improvements. Then, you can demonstrate their value to an auditor.

Orchestrated Knowledge doesn’t perform audits. We’re independent of any auditor or auditing company. Our role is to help you to understand and implement processes, procedures and practices which will help your business and satisfy an auditor.

Common Standards

We bring experience and knowledge of many standards and certifications, including – SFIA, CMMI, PMI, ISO (9001, 14001, 45001, 27001, 15504, 12207), PRiNCE2, Kaizen, Agile, Lean, Six-Sigma and others.

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Make sure that the standards you set are genuine – that they’re applied thoughtfully and judiciously. Don’t let them be a burden. Make sure they pay their way by providing genuine and support and credibility to your brand. Contact me today about applying Standards and Audits.